U.S. Law Group provides innovative legal solutions across a wide range of industries on the procurement, clearance, protection, transfer, licensing and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights.  Our focus is on helping our clients not only protect their Intellectual Property assets but, also, to best develop and exploit the value of those assets to advance creative interests, maximize brand value and expand a business’s reach.


U.S. Law Group structures and negotiates various licensing transactions in an effort to create strategic alliances and expand the value of our clients’ brands and content.  Our clients in this practice area include digital media companies, content creators, software companies and fashion brands, among others.

Our Licensing practice is fully integrated into other practice areas of the firm, and includes:

  • Inbound and Outbound Licensing
  • Software Licensing
  • Copyright & Trademark Licensing
  • Content Distribution and Acquisition
  • Commercial Use Licenses
  • SaaS Agreements
  • Manufacturing, Resale and Retail Store Transactions
  • Co-Branding, Marketing and Endorsements


U.S. Law Group counsels clients on securing and protecting their trade and service marks in an effort to maximize brand value.  Our attorneys specialize in clearing availability and registering applications in the U.S. and abroad for individual trademark owners and recognized brands in a wide variety of industries.  If the need arises, we work aggressively with our litigation team to protect and enforce our clients’ rights.

Our Trademark services include:

  • Trademark Registration and Maintenance
  • Advising on Trademark Selection
  • Structuring Trademark Acquisitions, Licenses and Joint Ventures
  • Managing Trademark/Brand Portfolios
  • Trade Secrets Protections
  • Domain Name Registration and Maintenance
  • Advising on Disputes and Infringement Issues


U.S. Law Group assists content owners in all aspects of registering, protecting, managing, enforcing and exploiting copyrights in a wide assortment of creative works, including publications, fashion designs, motion pictures, songs, photos, video games and software.  Our attorneys understand that today’s advanced technology makes it ever so easy to unlawfully copy and distribute copyrighted works.  Therefore, when needed, we work with our litigation team to aggressively enforce our clients’ copyrights.

Our attorneys provide the following service in the area Copyright law:

  • Performing Searches and Clearances
  • Registering and Renewing Applications
  • Assignments and Transfers of Copyrights
  • Advising on Disputes and Infringement Issues
  • Analyzing Fair Use Rights
  • Drafting Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Reviewing and Providing Chain of Title
  • Enforcing Creators’ Rights