U.S. Law Group specializes in providing innovative legal solutions to content creators and creative talent in Entertainment & New Media transactions.  With years of Hollywood experience at law firms, studios, production companies and agencies, our attorneys understand the creative process and the unique needs of the industry.  Our attorneys utilize their extensive experience, knowledge and passion for the business to protect clients’ interests, both legally and creatively.


U.S. Law Group provides innovative legal solutions to individual and institutional financiers in all facets of investing in independent and studio films. Our attorneys combine their knowledge of finance and entertainment to advise clients on complex financial structures and instruments related to equity and debt financing in film, as well as television, live events and digital content.

Our attorneys provide innovative legal solutions to clients in all aspects of Film Finance, including:

  • Equity Investments
  • Debt Financing
  • Bridge Loans and Gap Financing
  • P&A and Completion Funds
  • IRS 181 Deductions
  • Foreign Presales and Minimum Guarantees
  • Financing Plans and Waterfalls
  • Slate Financing
  • Fund Formation
  • Product Placement and Brand Integration


U.S. Law Group counsels independent producers and production companies on their production legal needs for feature films, documentaries, scripted and reality television programs, online content, and live music concerts and festivals.  Our attorneys guide industry professionals through the development, financing, physical production and distribution stages of the production process.  We also help new media companies create, acquire, produce, market and distribute content for social media and emerging digital platforms.

Our Production Legal services are structured specifically for the need of each client and usually include:

  • Rights Acquisitions
  • Chain of Title
  • Producer and Investor Agreements
  • Defining Net Profits
  • Talent and Crew Agreements
  • Clearances and Releases
  • Guild Compliance
  • State Tax Credits
  • Sales Agent Agreements
  • Domestic & International Distribution Deals


U.S. Law Group represents actors, musicians, social media influencers, writers, directors, authors and other creative talent in all areas of entertainment and new media.  Our attorneys bring key relationships with entertainment industry professionals to leverage deal-making opportunities for our clients.

U.S Law Group structures and negotiates the following transactions for our Talent Representation clients:

  • Talent Deals
  • Agency and Management Agreements
  • Creative Rights
  • Optioning Literary Works
  • Representing Life Rights
  • Name and Likeness Usage
  • Personal Appearances
  • Merchandising and Endorsement Deals
  • Social Media Content Management and Distribution
  • O-1 Visa Applications